Review of BOOM from Ink19

PHOTO: Elaitheia Quinn as Barbara in BOOM. Photo by Marco DiGeorge.

"We laughed, we cried, and we wondered: what is going on here?" - by Carl F. Gauze

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Theater On The Edge

Let’s say “Giant Meteor – 2020” wins. What then? Sure, you have an underground lab stocked with food and Kotex and bottled water. You’ve lured a female into the lab, and somehow you spawn a child even though she hates you and you just might be playing for the wrong team. Will that save mankind? Or does Earth need another 65 million years to re-evolve MTV and polyester TWA stewardess outfits? I vote “re-evolve”.

The Theater on the Edge team has a rep for gut punching hard-assed dramas, and this may be there first actual comedy. We laughed, we cried, and we wondered: what is going on here? This is my take: Jules (Minossora) is a fish-ologist who predicts earth is about to be hit by a continent destroying asteroid. Or comet. Or plot point. He stockpiles what he can, attempts to impregnate Jo(Raitano), and instead turns her off on sex. His heart is in the right place, but not his junk. Overseeing this Tableau Fantastique we have 65,000,00th century girl Barbara (Quinn), she operates an exhibit at one of those “educational” tourist attractions. It’s like hoping to improve your kids’ science grades via tee shirt purchased at a theme park.

Amazingly, in 65 million years, personal department policies remain constant, and when Barbara gets fired she claims a revenge. Sure, it’s a brutal nihilistic “end of the world” story but it has more laughs than I thought TOtE could put on stage. I see commentary on dating, rape and sexual choice, but I also see a wonderfully funny sci-fi that works un stage, and never condescends. Put on your silver space suit and see how life remains the same, no matter what era, eon, epoch you are lucky to live in.