TAPE Cast Spotlight: Joey Ginel

TAPE by Stephen Belber at Theater On The Edge
by Marco DiGeorge

Joey Ginel started Truthful Acting Studios back in August 2015, he was so incredibly eager to learn the craft. He was so excited about being an actor, and wanted to know everything there was to learn.

Very quickly, however, as most students do, he came to a realization how much work was involved in this thing called 'acting,' and over the course of the next couple semesters, he learned the type of work ethic needed to bring his art to a higher level.

Our Meisner III class was a break-through semester for Joey, and his amazing instincts started to shine through. It was a difficult semester on many personal levels, but those difficulties also helped fuel Joey's art to where it needed to be. In our final performance of our Shakespeare monologues at the end of the semester, he was finding his true voice as an actor.

Today, Joey continues to work incredibly hard on his craft and he puts everything he has into a role. It's this work ethic, along for his passion and love for the art, which makes him a great addition to our artistic team at Theater On The Edge.

In addition to his studies at Truthful Acting Studios, Joey has been a part of a handful of independent films including Ring For Service and Loner. When he's not acting, Joey loves to play the guitar and to sing at local venues.


Come out and see Joey in TAPE as Jon Saltzman! There are still a few seats remaining seats for the show, running now through March 19th.