Meisner Training in Action!

How Meisner Training helps actors live on stage!

Truthful Acting co-founder Marco DiGeorge, and TA Meisner Graduates Allan Whitehead and Zack Roundy share the stage to bring to life one of David Mamet's most enticing plays, American Buffalo! Of course, all deep-level training should not be seen by the audience. Rather, all you should see is the truthful life revealing itself to you.

However, part of what does make this so exciting is having actors with the same training background! As Meisner actors, the group shares a common language which, in the rehearsal process, allows for a quick and deep chemistry that creates a unity between the actors as they collectively ride down the rabbit hole into the adventure of the unknown.

What you will see are characters who are fully invested in each other. Everything we do as human beings, and what carries on in our acting, is motivated by what we are doing to each other; are we putting someone in their place? Opening someone's eyes? Gaining an ally? Everything we do, everything we say, is for a purpose, and how we go about it is based solely on the person we are engaging with. So what you will experience, is the fullness of human beings.

If you are interested at what we teach at Truthful Acting Studios, then come see it in action! All of the tools that we teach at the studio have been used during the rehearsal process and what have lead these actors to where they are today.

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