by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb

"Mr. Nachtrieb has a gift for darkly funny dialogue and an appealing way of approaching big themes sideways. [Boom] winds up speaking, quietly and piquantly, to our enduring fascination with and need for myths about the beginning of life as well as its end." —NY Times. 2012. 

"Sex to Change the Course of the World"—a grad student's online personal ad lures a mysterious journalism student to his subterranean research lab under the pretense of an evening of "no strings attached" sex.

But when an alleged major global catastrophic event threatens to strike the planet, their date takes on evolutionary significance and the fate of humanity could hang in the balance. An epic and intimate dramatic comedy that explores the influences of fate versus randomness in the course of one's life, and life as we know it.

“Boom” is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.

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Marco DiGeorge

Marco DiGeorge

Director, Producer, Technical Director
Ensemble Member

Marco DiGeorge’s love for teaching and the arts has led him to the various endeavors he is involved with today, including Co-Founder and Teacher at Truthful Acting Studios, Adjunct Professor with the UCF Film Program, Producer at Doctrine Creative, and one of the founding members and Artistic Director of Theater On The Edge.  After an amazing experience producing season one with plays such as American Buffalo, Tape, and Superior Donuts, Marco recently directed the critically acclaimed Orphans and Proof in season two, and is now looking forward to directing Boom for the season three opener. Marco also enjoys working side-by-side with his amazing wife, Samantha, as she continues to push the envelope with her hyper-realistic set design.

Sam DiGeorge

Samantha DiGeorge

Set Designer
Ensemble Member 

Aside from her role as Director of Operations for Truthful Acting Studios, where she takes care of all business operations, Sam’s love for creativity and design has propelled her into her new passion as Artistic Designer for Theater On The Edge, where she is also one of the founding members. Sam has a love for transforming and repurposing anything and everything artistic that she can get her hands on, and her hyper-realistic sets from season one received much acclaim, including American Buffalo's 1970s junk shop, Tape's seedy Motel 6 room, and the Superior Donuts shop. She recently created a 1989 North Philadelphia row-house for the critically acclaimed Orphans. She is grateful to be a part of such a creative team and working alongside her husband Marco. She also has a huge love for owls and unicorns (not relevant but worthy of mentioning).


Megan Raitano

 Ensemble Member

Adam Minossora

Ensemble Member

Elaitheia Quinn

Ensemble Member


Peter Sinn Nachtrieb


Allan Whitehead

Allan Whitehead

Assistant Director
Ensemble Member

Krystal Glover

Stage Manager
Ensemble Member

Chris Ivers

Ensemble Member

Kai Rodriguez

Ensemble Member

Derek Rowe

Derek Rowe

Graphic Designer

Nick Roberts

Original Music

DeeDee Strauss

Box Office

Riley Walden


Lindsey Demetree

Production Assistant

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